Virtual Router Plus

Virtual router plus is an open source software which convert any windows 7 or later version of windows into a wifi hotspot. Share LAN, wireless, dial-up every other possible network connection using your computer wifi card. Thus converting your computer into an access point. This eliminates of having a separate wifi router to extend the connection. Share your network connection with every wifi enabled device such as iphone, ipad, laptop, tablet, android phones, smart TV’s, wireless printers.

Click here to download Virtual Router Plus.


Many other alternative softwares are available such one famous is ‘Connectify’. The downside of Connectify is, one should purchase a pro version in order to share wireless connection with other devices. The paid version of connectify contains many amazing features, connected device monitoring, sharing the files in the local network, ability to block the devices, to mention some.

Unlike other similar softwares, virtual router plus uses minimal features to function.

Virtual router plus lacks all these feature but contains one paid feature for free, i.e., sharing wireless connection.

Despite all the downsides of the virual router plus, it is one of the best software to use.

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